The most important meal of the day. I normally ignore that, but on a weekend, I often go out for a treat. Then not only the quality is important, but also a friendly service. This post is not really about the boat – although there the friendliness of the team and the quality of the food are also two of the most important factors. This post is about the great things that happen when you mention your plan to sail around the world.

This morning, I took some friends for breakfast to my favourite place: Eggbreak in Notting Hill. It’s a small place, always with a cue out like Oxford Circus tube station on a Friday afternoon at 5:30pm. The food is great and the stuff super-friendly, you can feel the passion for their business.

So I was very happy, when the made an exception and I could book a table when I called this morning. On the phone, Hana asked if I were celebration anything and later when we sat down I explained that I’m doing the Clipper Race and will be gone for a year sailing around the world.

We had a nice breakfast (at one of the best tables) – I had the Mexican Omelette and can really recommend it.

Later when the bill arrived, I didn’t get it and it need to be explained to me: the breakfast was on the house! The entire breakfast for 4 people for free!! Hana (the owner) said “yes, you’re welcome. We all talked about what you’re going to do and it’s fantastic!”

And I think this is fantastic and a most generous gesture. I was totally blown away. A big THANK YOU again!

If you live in London or come through, please visit EggBreak, enjoy a delicious breakfast and send them my regards.

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