Leg 3 – Day 12


The last few days we have been beating against the wind, on some tacks sailing a few hundred miles and only getting a couple closer to our destination.

This was tough on man and material and we decided to go further South to look for lighter winds coming from a better direction. This was also due to the fact, that one of our injured crew fell out of her bunk and injured herself again in the rough conditions.

The list of injuries is growing and we are becoming more of a hospital boat. I hurt my shoulder this morning, falling while we were pulling up a new headsail. It seems like only a minor bruising, which hopefully will be gone in a few days. However, it gets me out of a lot of jobs on deck – unfortunately, also helming, which seems again very enjoyable at the moment.

Getting South brought us the winds the looked for, but also slowed us down. We are now on the track of the rest of the fleet — just a few hundred miles behind (approx. 2 days). The over 3000nm we still have in front of us, are likely 15 more days of sailing. We had stocked up some food in Port Elizabeth, accounting for the extra days and additional crew – what have not stocked up are our snacks (chips, crackers, chocolate, nuts etc.) and I fear we will run out of those pretty quickly – also my beloved night snacks: pot noodles.

So there is some drama to develop…

2 thoughts on “Leg 3 – Day 12

  • Oh, that sounds a little bit challenging. So, we wish you very good luck for the remaining part of leg 3!! The good thing is, after a very hard trip, reaching the final destination feels even much better 🙂

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