Hello all,

this short post is more a rant. It’s not about tinned meat, of which we had a bit on board and which helped me an Adrian to win the ‘worst mothers’ award on leg 4, and which I hate.

It’s about the over 2500 spam comments which I just deleted!! Twothousandsixhundredandabit! It’s shocking and annoying. That’s more than a few hundred per week. Compared to 29 legitimate ones over 12 months.

There is hopefully a way to delete them quicker and easier or to block them better all together, but I still feel for all the bloggers in this world, fighting with this issue.

I also can’t believe that it works at all … are people really that stupid?! Am I missing something here?


Anyhow – sorry If I deleted any real comment! Please post it again if so. Or just post a comment in general, so I can see that it’s not only machines reading my blog! Thanks.

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