To breathe!

Why am I going on a small boat to sail around the world? To BREATHE!

Let me explain: sitting at my desk in the office, in a restaurant or on the bus (you can choose tube or taxi for yourself), my air intake is rather shallow. You know these deep breaths you take when you stand on top of a hill looking over a vast valley, which lift your chest and stretch your spine? One of those, I take at a maximum a handful of times per day: in the morning when getting up, before I have to give a presentation or a tough team talk (luckily those happen rarely), after I nearly chock on some food going the wrong way (also not very often) and before/after some physical exercise.

Such a deep breath makes me feel stronger and more alive.

On a boat – partly because you need to yell a lot – you fill your lungs deeply all the time. And it’s FRESH AIR you breathe. And for that brief moment you think you can really take on the ocean for a little fight…

That’s it – that’s good enough to go on a little boat around the world.

Deep breaths of fresh air and some adrenaline challenge – basically experiencing LIFE.

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