Day 22 – 21st November, Tuesday 20:00

The first time our team really won anything. I wonder what long term effects that will have.

What might be sad is, that we will likely not be there for prize-giving.

We put some effort into this sprint, starting with analysing the performance of the other boats and estimating what time we would need to make, to very closely monitoring the performance of each helms-person and changing them every 30 minutes. This seems to have paid off…and we had some luck with the winds.

The other uplifting fact is that we are getting very close to our next competitor and we start getting our hopes up not to be the last boat in port. That would be such a win for us after being more than 4 days behind everyone.

Wish us luck and keep following us – it should be exciting.

We are also happy that it will not get warmer with every mile we make as we are going North now.

*The Ocean Sprint is a kind of race in the race. Is a timed one between two lines of longitude. That means it doesn’t matter when you cross this area, it just matters how fast.

Yeaaah – we officially won the Ocean Sprint!! 🙂

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