Day 25 – Friday 24th Nov

….and we present you: the sun!!

For the first time in about a week (ok maybe 4 days) we see the sun and it is finally getting warm again.

What lifts our spirits on even more, is that we constantly catching up with the fleet, being the fastest boat for a while. We are now just 250nm behind the leading yachts, after being nearly 4 days behind when we left Port Elizabeth. The closest competitors are even only about 60nm ahead – well in striking distance.

We have a real chance to gain a couple of places – what a triumph that would be.

Ok – a good portion is luck with the weather and the winds, but we did some very focussed and concentrated sailing and I think that bit of luck is well deserved.

We are all looking forward to a close finish and some close to shore racing – maybe we will get an exciting photo-finish line crossing…

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