First Race of the All-Australia Leg

Day 1
After nearly 24 we were still insight of 8 other boats and gaining positions. We are on the way to Cape Leewin. Sanya is in front.
Apart from the RTWders we have all new crew. Currently we are beating against the wind but have the current with us, which makes for choppy water and rough conditions -> lots of seasick crew. Luckily, it seems I’m not affected this time and I have found a solution some seasickness patches. They work very well, but I’m also trying to eat small portions only and drink a lot.

Day 15
The last miles (42) lie ahead. I was a bit lazy writing this leg, which unusual and different in a lot of ways. First this race which is finishing now, was one of three over the course of this leg.
Secondly we had a whole new crew (apart from the guys going the whole way) and it was supposed to be a rather short race.
Thirdly, we had a really good start and were full of competitive energy, which gained us a 4th place in the ocean sprint.
However, after that we lost our luck and made wrong decision and after rounding Tasmania, we found ourself in last position. And what followed was then a ordeal of beating against wind and making slow or no progress in windholes and seeing the leaders move further and further away from us.
So far on all legs, when we had wind we made good way towards our way point – on the way up to Sydney this was really the first time we had to beat against the wind in a way we needed to do 2,3 or 4 miles for every mile towards the waypoint as we had also some currents against us.
On top of it all, with the less experienced crew, we could take less advantage of favourable winds – we just didn’t have the crew to potentially take down a Spinnaker in 30 knots of wind and so we had to be more conservative in our sail plans.

On the positive notes, we now have strong winds and are going in the right direction (healing over at 45 degrees again). Yesterday night, following a very nice sunset, we had some nice bioluminescence in the water and saw some dolphins in it – an amazing sight. You can see the dolphins approaching from quite a distance thanks to the glow around them.

Now – with a few days delay – we will arrive in Sydney. This Stopover will be a very busy one for us, with cleaning, sailing events and preparation for the Sydney-Hobart race.
However, I’m really looking forward – to a fresh shower (as always) and some good food – but also to see friends and former colleagues living in Australia and coming to see me and having a nice holiday (hi Christoph!).

And just now we arrive in Sydney Harbour at the time of an amazing sunset and very little wind… a great end to the journey.

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