Punta – the wine

I’m not much of a wine expert, so this will be short. To be honest my wine knowledge is pretty limited, but I think I an taste what is a decent wine.

However, whenever I go somewhere I pick up little bits and pieces of interesting information.

Here I learned that in Uruguay the conditions to making wine are pretty good, especially because of the rich soil. However, the wine culture only has really grown (I wouldn’t say taken-off yet) in the last decade or so. We visited one new winery during a day trip. The winery is just officially established last year, the wine stocks are about a decade old and they started wine making already 6 years ago. The owner learned in France and he seemed especially proud of the ‘Champagne’ they make. The winery is all set up in a sustainable way and they don’t add any preservatives or anything else to the wine.

One thing, which is apparently a ‘speciality’ of Uruguay are the ‘mild’ Tannat wines. And to me, who likes dry – slightly heavy – red wines, the few Tannats I tried were really good. If you’re interested and you’re on Vivino, let me know – you find the wines I tried on there. They had some other good wines as well by the way.

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